Dec 14

Burnout360 Sabah Drift Challenge 2011 Official Trailer – by Charles Pang.


Nov 08

[Update] Nobita-Ben BeatBoxing – Burnout360 Artist Showcase Concert

Nov 08

Official results


Solo run in this qualifying stage to place drifters from 1 to 16. Points is calculated based on Style(30), Speed(10), Angle(30) and line(30).


Best 16, 8, 4, champion. Tandem drifting in this stage. 2 cars will drift at the same time . Taking turns as Lead car and the chasing cars. Judge will give points based on who can drift the best under the pressure.

Nov 07

Alig retains Drift King title at Burnout360

Source : Daily Express  6/11/2011

Kota Kinabalu: Alig Wong, 31, retained his Drift King title at the Burnout360 Sabah Drift Challenge for the second year running since it was introduced last year.

He beat his challenger, Lee Ngan Hing, 31, after six laps due to a tie in points in the semi-finals which resulted in Lee being announced the third place winner, whereas 26-year old Leong Vun Chuan being the runner up.

“There had been a lot of challenges this time as the number of contestants doubled from last year’s, and many of them modified and changed their engines for this challenge,” he said, while Wong on the other hand chose to retain his original engine for the challenge.

Meanwhile, fourth and fifth place went to Ardie Nor Din Abdul Rahman and Tsen Siong Kok respectively.

In this respect, Deputy Chief Minister, Datuk Dr Yee Moh Chai who officiated at the closing ceremony hopes the organisers have achieved their objectives to expose the sport to the public and government alike.

He said the sport is among many other activities that can attract more tourists into the State, as tourism is the core for Sabah’s economy.

The chief judge who is also the country’s number one drifter, Tengku Djan Ley sees the participants as having the potential in growing in the sport, and hopes to come back again next year.

He said being here as one of the judges was a good experience for him, to see the newcomers in motor-sports.

“The drifters today as well as the organisers have done a good job, and I see that there is potential for more growth in this sport,” he said after the prize giving ceremony on Saturday.

Co-organiser and Casero Event Managing Director, Steve Johnny Mositun said the event was a successful one, in terms of public participation among others.

“But the most important thing is we finally caught the attention of the government and we hope more support from the government will come in future,” he stated.

Also present was Mayor Datuk Abidin Madingkir, Deputy Speaker of State Legislative Assembly, Datuk Johnny Mositun, City Police Chief, ACP Ahmad Sofi Zakaria and Assistant Youth and Sports Minister, Datuk Jahid Jahim and City Hall Director General, Datuk Yeo Boon Hai.





Nov 05


The wait is over! Alig retains his title as Burnout360 Drift King for the second time.

#1 Alig Wong

Alig Wong seen in picture, showing a #1 gesture during 1 of their practise lap on friday.

Burnout360 Drift King, Alig Wong, and Malaysia Drift King, Tengku Djan.

Newly crowned Burnout360 Drift King, Alig Wong, and Malaysia Drift King, Tengku Djan, shaking hands after both of them performed a special drift show for the crowd.

Top 3 Burnout360 Drifters Posing for the camera

From left : #3 Lee Ngan Hing , #2 Leong Vun Chuan, #1 Alig Wong

Nov 02

[Update] Burnout360 Concert Performer

So here it is, list of Local artists & Bands that will be performing during Burnout360 concert.

Concert will start at 7Pm, Friday, 4th November. FREE OF CHARGE!

BURNOUT360 Artist Showcase :

Janriwine J. Lusin
Donna Masidah
Kumpulan Aries

FEATURING Sabah Local Band :

The Retrock
The Obsqure Band
The Confused Cronies
Nice Silent Noise
Rock n Soul
Meteor Crates

Nov 02

[Update] Drift Track

Burnout360 Drift Track Area

Burnout360 Drift Track Area

*Only for visualization purpose.

Oct 31

[Update] Official Online Radio

Yes, SabahanFM will be the Official Online Radio For Burnout360! They will bring you live online radio coverage during event day!

Oct 31

[Update] Connect with us through Facebook & Twitter

Hey guys!

Its quite last minute but we’ve just launched our social media platform for Burnout360.

Get live during event day by joining our Facebook Page & also by following @CaseroEvents Twitter account.

Click here for Burnout360 Facebook Page.

Click here for @CaseroEvents twitter Account.


Oct 29

[Update] Burnout360 sponsors

The organizer is happy to announce the below organization/company as the  sponsors for Burnout360 2011


100PLUS - Offical Drink


Official Car Decal Printer


Click For Company FB Page

Makeup & Hairdo Sponsor for Burnout360 Calendar Girl


Click For Company FB Page

Evening Gown sponsor for Burnout360 Calendar Girl


Sonic Venture Enterprise



Towering Service Centre



Click Here to Enter Mayshowa Official Website



Turbo Tech Engineering


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